> CIZETA / 2018

The design of the Tenues line is based around two key aspects. There is the functional aspect of creating a collection of elegant and
comfortable seats that are equally suitable for the contract or residential areas. In addition, there is the evocative aspect, imagining how
Gio Ponti would have designed furnishings for a present-day hotel or restaurant. Attention is paid to creating comfortable upholstered
furniture, using wood that adds warmth, combining colours effectively and conjuring up a blend of 1950s style and Renaissance
geometric patterns. The vague architectural references seen in the rigour of straight lines and golden ratio become more pronounced in
the seats’ backrests made of large and small arches that resemble a section of a Palladian portico or the multi-mullioned windows seen
in Venice. The thin, sinuous profiles of this collection create a decor that is cosy and, at the same time, light and fine, or as they’d say in
Latin, tenues.








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