Swing is a series of sofas and armchairs that mixes canon and innovative design. A tubular metal frame is anchored to the upholstered seating shell. “We conceived a sort of synesthesia to combine different sensations. The rigidity of the frame is tamed by the softness of the padding; the cold metal wears the warmth of the fabrics, chosen according to their function” state the designers. “At first glance the design seems seriously rigorous, but as you sit down the feeling changes and extreme relaxing comfort is what prevails. This is why we called it Swing, as the shape of the sofa recalls hanging gliders and the swinging and dynamic rhythm of the music and dance from the 1920s and 1930s that pairs the curved and straight lines that intersect vertically and horizontally with the alternating solid and empty spaces that define its shape.

Adrenalina_SWING-2P_0599 Adrenalina_SWING-2P_0600 Adrenalina_SWING-2P_0605 Adrenalina_SWING-2P_0606 Adrenalina_SWING-2P-0141 Adrenalina_SWING-2P-PART_1987 Adrenalina_SWING-3P-0164 Adrenalina_SWING-2P_0597 Adrenalina_SWING-1P-GRIGIOAR-PART-0050
Adrenalina_SWING-1P-BIANCO_0082 Adrenalina_SWING-1P-BIANCO_0077 Adrenalina_SWING-1P-BIANCO_0076