> KARMAN / 2022

LEDA, an LED with a feminine touch. The myth of Leda and the Swan is back in a brand new encounter of poetry and technology. A necklace of light composed of spheres and cylinders in anodized aluminium and with a flexible diffuser that lends itself to a variety of arrangements in both indoor and outdoor spaces. A small metal slot allows you to change the layout and shape of your choice.

IMG_04044 IMG_04065 KAR_LEDA_02 KAR_LEDA_02_CL02 KAR_LEDA_04 KAR_LEDA_03 KAR_LEDA_01 IMG_2597


IMG_2426 IMG_2434 1648437046576_Leda designdebonademeo_Karman 2022 1 1648437055100_Leda designdebonademeo_Karman 2022 4 1648437051683_Leda designdebonademeo_Karman 2022 3 Leda_col_Signo_(Copy_Of_Leonardo_da_Vinci)_September_2015-1