> BORZALINO / 2019

Past and present, tradition and innovation combine in ayton, as the strict lines of the support contrast with the soft curves of the upholstery, the smooth surfaces combine with soft fabrics, and the finest leathers with refined yarns. The austerity of the frame, inspired by nordic geometries of the ’50s, fades into the informal comfort of the contemporary seat and backrest.  Like a flying carpet, the structure rises from the ground in a horizontal plane as if in a shell that encloses a soft and welcoming heart. Ayton is a fully modular composition of seats and shelfs that naturally adapts to every space, from domestic to public.b_leather-sofa-eurostile-403501-rel6ce2da53 b_sectional-sofa-eurostile-403502-rel75be2fb9 b_sectional-sofa-eurostile-403502-rel9c18a72d