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A car can be like a place to live in, a place where we spend good part of our lives, the ideal transport which enables us to perform countless actions including talking, listening, ob- serving, resting, even sleeping and eating. The car interior becomes an extension of our body and of our domestic dimension. The “Habitacolo project” aims to enhance this reality made up of senses and sensations, in a dreamlike vision that excludes the mechanical and metallic part of the car, to amplify the physical and sensorial component. Dinamica’s intervention in the car industry, associated with D-house technologies, greatly improves the aesthe- tic and perceptual value of the car interior, evoking its most authentic meaning, which shares the Latin derivation habitus with the italian words habitat, abitare, ambiente e abito. Guided by his senses, the visitor will be able to wander around in a space characterised by the presence of six brackets which house different experiential objects called EXP-01, 02, 03, 04, 06. These are symbolic objects which, through their craftwork and material, create an empathetic relationship with the observer called to perform instinctive gestures and use its senses (sight, touch, smell, hearing) to rediscover the cocooned beauty of one’s car even outside of it.Progetto_HabitacoloPS
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